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Current trainee research projects

Poppy Study

POPPY is a national project run by RAFT. This observational cohort study will create a picture of current UK day-case surgery using patient centred outcomes measured after discharge from hospital. Longer-term measured outcomes will focus on investigating the rates of persistent post- operative pain and persistent opioid use after surgery. The POPPY study spans the special interest areas of perioperative medicine, pain medicine and day case surgery.

The POPPY study has now finished recruiting. For more information see

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Survey of Training Opportunities in EoE (STORE)

Our inaugural EASTRN project STORE, was really successful with a brilliant response rate. It has now been presented at the Harold Youngman which generated a lot of discussion and hopefully raised the profile of our new TRN in the region. Site STORE (the site survey) has also been presented at the AAGBI WSM where it was shortlisted for discussion and subsequently won second prize in the survey category. 


The abstract has been published in the Anaesthesia supplement: SITE STORE (Site Survery of Training Opportunities in Research in the East of England): does the region support training in research?  Volume 79, Issue 51 P1-88 


Click here for the to the shortlisted poster

Click here for the prize information


So thank you all very much for making this project such a success!

For a full list of our contributors for this study please click here

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