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Our committee is currently made up of early enthusiasts for collaborative research in the region as well as members of the trainee representative team. Once EASTRN is established we plan to hold and AGM and elect a new committee to take EASTRN forward. 

Site Leads

At each site we have a trainee lead and a Consultant/SAS lead - please do contact you local site lead for information about what is happening locally.

STORE project contributors

We would like to thank the following people who acted as 'site lead' for STORE; they contributed significantly by running data collection at their hospital as well as completing a site survey:

  • Dr Georgina Singleton - CUH

  • Dr Meera Tharmaratnam - Basildon

  • Dr David Chapman - Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn

  • Dr Naomi Mawhood - James Paget University Hospital

  • Dr Dominika Raciborska - West Suffolk Hospital

  • Dr Sarah Rana - West Suffolk Hospital

  • Dr Daniel Sciberras - Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

  • Dr Eleanor Jarvis - Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

  • Dr Eric Makmur - Broomfield Hospital

  • Dr Luke Hoskins - Watford Hospital

  • Dr Nitesh Rathod - Luton and Dunstable Hospital

  • Dr Orla Gillman - Lister Hospital

  • Dr Raki Ghosh - Princess Alexandra Hospital

  • Dr Victoria Fernando - Ipswich Hospital

  • Dr Zwesty Rimba - Peterborough City Hospital

  • Dr Charlotte Leahy - Colchester Hospital

  • Dr Daniel Crossman - Bedford Hospital

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