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The East of England Anaesthetics Trainee Research Network 'EASTRN' was established in 2022 with the aim to improve trainee access to large scale, meaningful research and QI projects. With the introduction of the new curriculum in 2021 and the inclusion of the 'Research and managing data' domain, we felt it was more important than ever to give trainees opportunities to access research in the region.


We are members of the national umbrella organisation for anaesthetic trainee research groups RAFT (Research and Audit Federation of trainees) and in addition to running our own projects we will support national collaborative projects.

We are currently in the process of allocating site leads at all the hospitals in the region with the aim of getting a framework established ready to contribute to the 4th Raft national research project 'Poppy' (see projects) in the autumn.

Mission Statement

  1. To establish an East of England regional network of trainees to conduct multi-centre audits, quality improvement projects and research. 

  2. To provide a base for trainees to establish projects whilst moving throughout the region and ensure continuity. 

  3. To enable trainees to increase the scale of projects within the region to widen their scope and impact.

  4. To improve trainees’ access to meaningful research in line with the 2021 curriculum ‘Research and Managing data’.

  5. To collaborate with RAFT (Research and Audit Federation of Trainees) and other TRNs (Trainee Research Networks) in both anaesthetics and other specialities on national projects.

  6. To attract local and national funding.

  7. To provide research training for the educational benefits of its members.

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